When to Stop Posting Doberman Ears?

The poster has been deleted, but the convo between them and the original poster will never go away. The best way to avoid this is by stopping posting doberman ears as soon as you see someone else doing it. The “how long does it take for cropped ears to stand” is a question that has … Read more

How Smart Are Dobermans?

Dobermans are incredibly smart dogs and have been used as working animals and guard dogs since the late 1800s. They can do basic math, recognize colors, understand words like “sit” and “stay”, etc. when they were only 3 months old! How many other breeds of dog could you say that about? Dobermans are one of … Read more

How Dangerous Are Dobermans?

Dobermans are one of the most popular breeds in America. This large, powerful dog is often used as a guard or police dog to protect humans and property. Despite their intelligence, they remain at risk for many health problems because of poor breeding practices over time. However, Doberman Pinschers enjoy strong longevity rates with an … Read more

How to Raise a Doberman?

I’m just a simple dog trying to make my owners happy. I can’t wait for some time in the backyard, chasing and playing with toys! Who knew being a Doberman could be so much fun? The following article will teach you how to raise me from birth until adulthood. The “how to discipline a doberman” … Read more

How Do Doberman Ears Stand Up?

Doberman ears stand up when the animal is excited or afraid. The animals rely on their facial expressions to make a display of aggression, where they flare out their already large and well-cushioned ear flaps. One theory says that it may be in response to an evolutionary trait, as fear could have saved some ancestors’ … Read more

Who Bred Dobermans?

Dobermans are one of the most popular breeds among households, but many people don’t know who bred them. The world’s largest Doberman breeder traces their lineage back to Russia in 1878 and it’s likely that America is home to the largest number of Doberman breeders today. The “european doberman size” is a very large dog … Read more

How Much Should I Feed My Doberman Puppy?

Dobermans are a very active breed of dog that require about 3 cups of food per day. Working out how much to feed your Doberman can be tricky, however. This article will break down the amount you should give based on size and height as well as various other factors such as activity levels and … Read more

How Long to Tape Doberman Ears?

Doberman ears are one of the most recognizable dog breeds, with their long and pointy ear tips. This breed is also known for its distinctive black and spotted coat coloration which makes it a very popular choice among pet owners. Nowadays, you can find Dobermans in many different colors as well! Doberman ears, also called … Read more

Doberman Where to Crop Ears?

Dobermans are a type of hound dog that is typically bred for their sense of smell and hunting skills. They have short ears, blunt muzzles, large heads with long noses. The “doberman ear cropping styles chart” is a list of different types of ear croppings that can be done with the Doberman. How do vets … Read more

How Much to Feed a Doberman?

The average life span of a Doberman is around 10 years, so it’s important to make sure they are fed properly. To feed your dog daily you should give them ¼ – ½ cup of food per 100 pounds of body weight. Dobermans are known for being a very large, powerful and aggressive dog. They … Read more