How to Clean Doberman Cropped Ears?

Doberman ears can become very dirty and have a tendency to get matted. These are signs of poor breeding, or not enough care as the Doberman gets older. How do you clean your Doberman’s ears?

The “doberman ear cropping aftercare” is a process that takes place when a Doberman’s ears are cropped. The process includes cleaning the ears, applying antibiotic ointment, and bandaging.

How often should I clean my Doberman ears?

A: Dobermans have very short hair and their ears are often not as dirty as other breeds. However, if your dog has a lot of hair in its ears or it is a long-haired breed, you should clean your Dobermans ears at least twice a week.


The “doberman ear cropping tips” is a guide to cleaning Doberman ears, which are typically cropped. The guide includes the steps and tools needed for the process.

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