How to Post a Dobermans Ears?

A doberman has a singularly unique distinguishing feature, and is known as the “Doberman’s Ears” or simply “The Dobe.” These ears are not only an impressive sight themselves but they serve to distinguish this breed of dog from other breeds.

The “doberman ear posting kit” is a tool that allows you to post your doberman’s ears. The kit includes everything needed to make the process easy, and painless.

How long do you need to post a dobermans ears?

A: The process of posting dobermans ears is a lengthy one. It takes about two hours to post a pair of dobermans ears, and the price for this service ranges from $50-$100 depending on the size of the dog.


The “doberman ear posting kit amazon” is a tool that allows you to post your Dobermans ears. It includes pre-made templates, and instructions on how to make the template.

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